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Created October 4, 2013 14:30
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git clone git://
cd emacs/
git co -b EMACS_23_3-local EMACS_23_3
sudo yum install texinfo
sudo yum search x11-devel
sudo yum install libX11-devel
sudo yum install gtk2-devel
sudo yum install libXpm-devel libjpeg-devel libungif-devel libtiff-devel
sudo yum install ncurses-libs ncurses-devel ncurses-term
sudo yum install compat-libtermcap
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ --with-x-toolkit --with-xft --with-x
--- ensure colors are going to work,
grep TERM src/config.h
should get
#define HAVE_TERMCAP_H 1
#define HAVE_TERMIOS_H 1
#define HAVE_TERM_H 1
/* #undef TERMINFO */
--- see
sudo make install
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