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Created Sep 13, 2018
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This simple batch script compresses PNG and JPEG files with TinyPNG API It depends on jq tool
# Usage:
# ./tinypng <path> <path> ...
# Upload the files to shrink and then save them locally under the same name.
# Only works with JPEG and PNG. Accepts wildcard path for batch compression.
# Uses TinyPNG API:
# Uses TINYPNG_API_KEY environment variable for TinyPNG API key.
# Depends on jq:
set -euo pipefail
EMOJIS=("🔥" "⭐️" "❤️" "💯" "👌" "🐝" "💩")
for file in $@ ; do
emoji=${EMOJIS[$RANDOM % ${#EMOJIS[@]} ]}
url=$(curl -sf --user "api:$API_KEY" --data-binary @$file $API_URL | jq -r '.output.url')
curl -sf -o "$file" "$url"
echo "$emoji optimized $file"
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