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bootstrap 16 and 24 grid config values for configurator
This method for last version of Bootstrap - Version 2.3.1
Click this link to customize bootstrap:
You will find such as this list and change the number as you like.
16 Grid system with Gutter
@gridColumns: 16
@gridColumnWidth: 45px
@gridGutterWidth: 15px
@gridColumnWidth1200: 52.5px
@gridGutterWidth1200: 22.5px
@gridColumnWidth768: 31.5px
@gridGutterWidth768: 15px
16 Grid system without Gutter
@gridColumns: 16
@gridColumnWidth: 60px
@gridGutterWidth: 0px
@gridColumnWidth1200: 75px
@gridGutterWidth1200: 0px
@gridColumnWidth768: 46.5px
@gridGutterWidth768: 0px
24 Grid system with Gutter
@gridColumns: 24
@gridColumnWidth: 30px
@gridGutterWidth: 1px
@gridColumnWidth1200: 35px
@gridGutterWidth1200: 15px
@gridColumnWidth768: 21px
@gridGutterWidth768: 10px
24 Grid system without Gutter
@gridColumns: 16
@gridColumnWidth: 40px
@gridGutterWidth: 0px
@gridColumnWidth1200: 50px
@gridGutterWidth1200: 0px
@gridColumnWidth768: 31px
@gridGutterWidth768: 0px
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