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Last active Jan 8, 2021
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Changeloggy Shutdown


After 3 months of launching "Changeloggy", an SaaS with a goal to make sharing changelogs easier, as in not mixing changelogs with blog posts, and providing a better experience for users going through the changelogs, by making changelogs grouped by categories. Whether they are new releases, an improvement, bugfix, or any other category the app owner wanted to create. I am taking it down.

The website had a probably successful launch (to me), with 1200 visitors in the first 12 hours, lots of requests that I had the thought that I wouldn't be able to handle that thing lol. But, unfortunately, that load of users were visitors. Not people who needed to use the website.

The reason behind that, getting only visitors instead of users, was a marketing thing. What I did wrong was focusing on the technical side only, hoping people will just rush to get to use the website lol, but, this can't be true.

Due to me not having enough time to maintain this, as well as set a marketing plan and make it happen, as a solo developer, I am taking it down. I am not sure if it will be back working anytime soon, for now, it's a shut down, until something makes it a pause.

The website is set to shutdown on January 1, 2021. What an unfortunate way to start the new year hahaha.

I'm grateful for everyone who tried it out and shared their feedback. Thank you so much.


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@nathanganser nathanganser commented Dec 26, 2020

Pricing is too low - but marketing should not be an issue, every free customer advertises for you for free :) Good luck with your next ventures!


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@Imprettycool Imprettycool commented Dec 27, 2020

Never give up!


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@ahmednabil88 ahmednabil88 commented Jan 8, 2021

Never give up, Good luck in another venture!

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