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Remove Temando_Shipping from Magento2!
DELETE FROM eav_attribute WHERE attribute_code IN('ts_dimensions_length', 'ts_dimensions_width', 'ts_dimensions_height', 'ts_packaging_type', 'ts_packaging_id', 'ts_country_of_origin', 'ts_hs_code');
DROP TABLE temando_order;
DROP TABLE temando_quote_collection_point;
DROP TABLE temando_collection_point_search;
DROP TABLE temando_order_collection_point;
DROP TABLE temando_quote_pickup_location;
DROP TABLE temando_pickup_location_search;
DROP TABLE temando_order_pickup_location;
DROP TABLE temando_checkout_address;
DROP TABLE temando_shipment;
DROP TABLE temando_rma_shipment;
DELETE FROM core_config_data WHERE `path` LIKE 'carriers/temando/%';
DELETE FROM setup_module WHERE module = 'Temando_Shipping';
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