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Created March 4, 2010 16:15
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# Found on
# and modified to work from command line and behave slightly differently. Creating an Automator script
# to trigger should be trivial, though. you'd want to add a "cd /path/to/incoming_scans" at the top.
# Works with ScanSnap on Snow Leopard with the latest Abby Fine Reader and ScanSnap drivers. Doesn't
# do the meta data munging though that should be trivial to add back in.
# Do you scanning all at once, then kick this script off when you leave your computer - this results in a
# great speed up in workflow
# For every document...
for f in $FILES
echo $f
# Get the name of the file without the full UNIX path and store it in the variable g
# This will just make the Growl notification easier to read
# Tell FineReader to open the pdf, and thereby start OCRing it.
open -a 'Scan to Searchable' "$f"
# Since FineReader is not directly scriptable, check the directory every 30 seconds and wait until
# there is a file named "[yourPDFname] processed by FineReader.pdf". That's how you know FinderReader is done.
while [ ! -e "${f%.pdf} processed by FineReader.pdf" ]; do
sleep 5
# I don't remember why I wanted to wait another 15 seconds.
# I must have had a good reason at the time. Usually this just helps handle glitches.
# You can probably delete this without ruining Christmas (or your favorite holiday).
sleep 15
# Move thie file to the "Scan Output" directory in the parent directory
# This deletes the original and replaces it with the OCR'd version
mv -f "${f%.pdf} processed by FineReader.pdf" "../Scan Output/$f"
rm "$f"
# Tell Growl to notify you. Use the icon from FineReader, use "FineReader for ScanSnap" as the title of the notification,
# and use "FineReader has finished OCRing [yourPDFname]" as the message
/usr/local/bin/growlnotify -a "FineReader for ScanSnap" -t "FineReader for ScanSnap" -m "FineReader has finished OCRing $g"
# Exit
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