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Dev Machine Set Up

I'm testing with Visual Studio 2015 SP1

Server Set Up


In services.msc, find the "Visual Studio 2015 Remote Debugger" service. Change startup type from "Disabled" to "Manual", then start the service.

Connecting To Remote Machine

You need to be able to ping the server from the dev machine. You also need shared authentication (I think). I was logged into a Domain account that had authorization to both the dev machine and the server.

  1. Debug → Attach to Process
  2. Paste the short name of the server into the Qualifier box
  3. Click Refresh (checking Show processes from all users if unchecked)
  4. Find the process on the server you're interested in and click Attach

Dealing with: Internal error in the expression evaluator

Under Tools → Options → Debugging, uncheck "Use Managed Compatibility Mode"


Dealing with: Remote debugger breakpoint will not currently be hit

Get more information about what dlls and symbols are loaded by looking at:

Debug → Windows → Modules

I got a proof of concept working by loading symbols on the dev machine from the server by using a UNC path like: \\SERVER\d$\path\to\web\bin\something.dll

I don't have a good solution for this yet though. Some possible leads online:

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