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OpenVPN Access Server Letsencrypt
apt-get -y install git bc
git clone /opt/letsencrypt
mkdir /etc/letsencrypt
set -eu
/etc/init.d/openvpnas stop
/opt/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto certonly -c /etc/letsencrypt/
/usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts/confdba -mk cs.ca_bundle -v "`cat /etc/letsencrypt/live/$DOMAIN/fullchain.pem`"
/usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts/confdba -mk cs.priv_key -v "`cat /etc/letsencrypt/live/$DOMAIN/privkey.pem`" > /dev/null
/usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts/confdba -mk cs.cert -v "`cat /etc/letsencrypt/live/$DOMAIN/cert.pem`"
/etc/init.d/openvpnas start
rsa-key-size = 2048
email =
domains =
authenticator = standalone
standalone-supported-challenges = tls-sni-01
agree-tos = True
keep-until-expiring = True
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