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@mkubenka / forked from marteinn/
Created Mar 12, 2013

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from tastypie.exceptions import NotFound
from tastypie.resources import ModelResource
from tastypie.authentication import BasicAuthentication, ApiKeyAuthentication
from tastypie.models import ApiKey
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
__author__ = 'martinsandstrom'
class ApiTokenResource(ModelResource):
class Meta:
queryset = ApiKey.objects.all()
resource_name = "token"
include_resource_uri = False
fields = ["key"]
list_allowed_methods = []
detail_allowed_methods = ["get"]
authentication = BasicAuthentication()
def get_detail(self, request, **kwargs):
if kwargs["pk"] != "auth":
raise NotImplementedError("Resource not found")
obj = ApiKey.objects.get(user=request.user)
bundle = self.build_bundle(obj=obj, request=request)
bundle = self.full_dehydrate(bundle)
bundle = self.alter_detail_data_to_serialize(request, bundle)
return self.create_response(request, bundle)

Nice work!

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