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Arbeit macht frei

Mike Lapshin mlapshin

Arbeit macht frei
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mlapshin /
Created October 13, 2015 14:04
JUTE article


In real-world healthcare IT ecosystem HL7 v2 is a most widely used standard for data interoperability. New standards like HL7 v3 or FHIR are rather young to completely replace old and time-proven HL7 v2.

Blah-blah, we need to map from HL7 to FHIR.

So how can we describe mapping from HL7 v2 to FHIR? There are two options: imperative and declarative. Well-known products like MIRTH or

mlapshin /
Created October 4, 2018 08:10
Techwriting Guidlines

Simple rules to follow when you write technical docs.

  1. Explain stupid things. Do not overestimate reader's understanding. Make you instructions and explanations so straightforward and verbose so your mom could follow them;

  2. Do not put periods at the end of headers. "Introduction", not "Introduction.";

  3. Let abbreviations to be abbreviations. They should be all

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<a:type value="history"/>
<a:total value="3"/>
<a:id value="bab099e8-e164-462e-a732-7cbab339d082"/>
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(ns aidbox-ui.components.code-editor
(:require [reagent.core :as r]
[re-frame.core :as rf]
[clojure.string :as str]
(defn- get-code-block-type [token-info]
(-> token-info
(aget "state")
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[WTF Node?] open handles:
- File descriptors: (note: stdio always exists)
- fd 1 (tty) (stdio)
- fd 2 (tty) (stdio)
- Servers:
- :::46568 (HTTP)
- Listeners:
- request: app @ /var/jenkins_home/workspace/Narus_narus-web_stable-P5U42K5RDW5AN4K3GCTG4BCJ6MTTTEEUWK5ZF64POBLM75ADVL6Q/backend/node_modules/supertest/index.js:20
- Timers:
Unable to determine callsite for "Function". Did you require `wtfnode` at the top of your entry point?
View gist:1c86d1446831e53fa04a8e53ad133bfa
(setq js-indent-level 2)
(setq js2-basic-offset 2)
(use-package web-mode
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("work/narus/narus-web/.*?\\.js\\'" . web-mode))
(setq web-mode-attr-indent-offset 4)
(setq web-mode-enable-auto-pairing nil)
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SELECT 2+2 FROM patient;
View ideomatic-react-formbuilder.jsx
const Input = props => {
return <input {...props} />;
const FormRow = props => {
return <div className="formRow">{props.children}</div>;
const makeBindFn = (formId, formComp) => {
return inputName => {
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View extract-translation.el
(defun extract-translation (start end)
(interactive "r")
(if (region-active-p)
(let* ((text (buffer-substring start end))
(keyname (read-string "Key name: " (extract-translation-default-key-name text)))
(short-keyname (car (last (split-string keyname "\\.") 1)))
(rails-root (if (fboundp 'ffip-project-root)