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Created February 22, 2012 20:49
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Listing of countries with their preferred date formats, ISO3166 code, ISO629-2
ISO 3166 Country Code ISO639-2 Country Code Country ISO 3166 Country Code ISO639-2 Lang Language Date Format
ALB AL Albania sqi sq Albanian yyyy-MM-dd
ARE AE United Arab Emirates ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
ARG AR Argentina spa es Spanish dd/MM/yyyy
AUS AU Australia eng en English d/MM/yyyy
AUT AT Austria deu de German dd.MM.yyyy
BEL BE Belgium fra fr French d/MM/yyyy
BEL BE Belgium nld nl Dutch d/MM/yyyy
BGR BG Bulgaria bul bg Bulgarian yyyy-M-d
BHR BH Bahrain ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
BIH BA Bosnia and Herzegovina srp sr Serbian yyyy-MM-dd
BLR BY Belarus bel be Belarusian d.M.yyyy
BOL BO Bolivia spa es Spanish dd-MM-yyyy
BRA BR Brazil por pt Portuguese dd/MM/yyyy
CAN CA Canada fra fr French yyyy-MM-dd
CAN CA Canada eng en English dd/MM/yyyy
CHE CH Switzerland deu de German dd.MM.yyyy
CHE CH Switzerland fra fr French dd.MM.yyyy
CHE CH Switzerland ita it Italian dd.MM.yyyy
CHL CL Chile spa es Spanish dd-MM-yyyy
CHN CN China zho zh Chinese yyyy-M-d
COL CO Colombia spa es Spanish d/MM/yyyy
CRI CR Costa Rica spa es Spanish dd/MM/yyyy
CYP CY Cyprus ell el Greek dd/MM/yyyy
CZE CZ Czech Republic ces cs Czech d.M.yyyy
DEU DE Germany deu de German dd.MM.yyyy
DNK DK Denmark dan da Danish dd-MM-yyyy
DOM DO Dominican Republic spa es Spanish MM/dd/yyyy
DZA DZ Algeria ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
ECU EC Ecuador spa es Spanish dd/MM/yyyy
EGY EG Egypt ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
ESP ES Spain spa es Spanish d/MM/yyyy
ESP ES Spain cat ca Catalan dd/MM/yyyy
EST EE Estonia est et Estonian d.MM.yyyy
FIN FI Finland fin fi Finnish d.M.yyyy
FRA FR France fra fr French dd/MM/yyyy
GBR GB United Kingdom eng en English dd/MM/yyyy
GRC GR Greece ell el Greek d/M/yyyy
GTM GT Guatemala spa es Spanish d/MM/yyyy
HKG HK Hong Kong zho zh Chinese yyyy年M月d日
HND HN Honduras spa es Spanish MM-dd-yyyy
HRV HR Croatia hrv hr Croatian dd.MM.yyyy.
HUN HU Hungary hun hu Hungarian yyyy.MM.dd.
IDN ID Indonesia ind in Indonesian dd/MM/yyyy
IND IN India hin hi Hindi ३/६/१२
IND IN India eng en English d/M/yyyy
IRL IE Ireland gle ga Irish dd/MM/yyyy
IRL IE Ireland eng en English dd/MM/yyyy
IRQ IQ Iraq ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
ISL IS Iceland isl is Icelandic d.M.yyyy
ISR IL Israel heb iw Hebrew dd/MM/yyyy
ITA IT Italy ita it Italian dd/MM/yyyy
JOR JO Jordan ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
JPN JP Japan jpn ja Japanese yyyy/MM/dd
JPN JP Japan jpn ja Japanese H24.MM.dd
KOR KR South Korea kor ko Korean yyyy. M. d
KWT KW Kuwait ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
LBN LB Lebanon ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
LBY LY Libya ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
LTU LT Lithuania lit lt Lithuanian yyyy.M.d
LUX LU Luxembourg fra fr French dd/MM/yyyy
LUX LU Luxembourg deu de German dd.MM.yyyy
LVA LV Latvia lav lv Latvian yyyy.d.M
MAR MA Morocco ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
MEX MX Mexico spa es Spanish d/MM/yyyy
MKD MK Macedonia mkd mk Macedonian d.M.yyyy
MLT MT Malta eng en English dd/MM/yyyy
MLT MT Malta mlt mt Maltese dd/MM/yyyy
MNE ME Montenegro srp sr Serbian d.M.yyyy.
MYS MY Malaysia msa ms Malay dd/MM/yyyy
NIC NI Nicaragua spa es Spanish MM-dd-yyyy
NLD NL Netherlands nld nl Dutch d-M-yyyy
NOR NO Norway nor no Norwegian dd.MM.yyyy
NOR NO Norway nor no Norwegian dd.MM.yyyy
NZL NZ New Zealand eng en English d/MM/yyyy
OMN OM Oman ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
PAN PA Panama spa es Spanish MM/dd/yyyy
PER PE Peru spa es Spanish dd/MM/yyyy
PHL PH Philippines eng en English M/d/yyyy
POL PL Poland pol pl Polish dd.MM.yyyy
PRI PR Puerto Rico spa es Spanish MM-dd-yyyy
PRT PT Portugal por pt Portuguese dd-MM-yyyy
PRY PY Paraguay spa es Spanish dd/MM/yyyy
QAT QA Qatar ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
ROU RO Romania ron ro Romanian dd.MM.yyyy
RUS RU Russia rus ru Russian dd.MM.yyyy
SAU SA Saudi Arabia ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
SCG CS Serbia and Montenegro srp sr Serbian d.M.yyyy.
SDN SD Sudan ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
SGP SG Singapore zho zh Chinese dd/MM/yyyy
SGP SG Singapore eng en English M/d/yyyy
SLV SV El Salvador spa es Spanish MM-dd-yyyy
SRB RS Serbia srp sr Serbian d.M.yyyy.
SVK SK Slovakia slk sk Slovak d.M.yyyy
SVN SI Slovenia slv sl Slovenian d.M.yyyy
SWE SE Sweden swe sv Swedish yyyy-MM-dd
SYR SY Syria ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
THA TH Thailand tha th Thai d/M/2555
THA TH Thailand tha th Thai ๓/๖/๒๕๕๕
TUN TN Tunisia ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
TUR TR Turkey tur tr Turkish dd.MM.yyyy
TWN TW Taiwan zho zh Chinese yyyy/M/d
UKR UA Ukraine ukr uk Ukrainian dd.MM.yyyy
URY UY Uruguay spa es Spanish dd/MM/yyyy
USA US United States eng en English M/d/yyyy
USA US United States spa es Spanish M/d/yyyy
VEN VE Venezuela spa es Spanish dd/MM/yyyy
VNM VN Vietnam vie vi Vietnamese dd/MM/yyyy
YEM YE Yemen ara ar Arabic dd/MM/yyyy
ZAF ZA South Africa eng en English yyyy/MM/dd
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Can you please let me know the source of these date formats?

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CAN english and french:

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athompso commented Feb 7, 2018

Awesome list!
I think you meant ISO 639-2, not 629-2, since this doesn't appear to have anything to do with tractors.

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stewx commented Feb 13, 2018

Would be great if we could get a date and time column added here

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can we have the list for currency symbol for the same ?

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This list appears to come from this Java program:

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This list looks great here but when I pull it into Excel 2016....HK/Chinese, India/Hindi, and Thailand don't render properly. Do you know why?

See Screenshots

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residentx10 commented Jun 1, 2019

Japan has "H24" ?


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I am using a nodejs/mysql project and wish to use this list, can someone please tell me if its more efficient (in terms of faster loading) of this complete list to load from a file or a mysql db?

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Japan has "H24" ?


H24 means Heisei 24. Heisei is a Japanese Era. Same meaning as year 2012. May also be written as 平成24年 for example. A new era recently started so year 2019 is Reiwa 1.

More info:

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almirbi commented Dec 1, 2019

Bosnia and Herzegovina's country code and language are wrong

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Nomadzy commented Dec 16, 2019

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Riyaz0001 commented Jun 6, 2020

Bangladesh is Missing! => BD => Date format => DD/MM/YYYY

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Do you know where I could find a listing of each country's preference for 12-hour versus 24-hour time?

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Do you know where I could find a listing of each country's preference for 12-hour versus 24-hour time?

Found it!

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can you please tell me what all the codes are for the language Tagalog for the Philippines. thank you.

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Ropepe commented Mar 3, 2023

Bosnia and Herzegovina`s country code is "bs_Latn" of just "bs"


This is an amazing list! Thank you very much! ❤️
It would be even more awesome if it had two additional columns. "Locale ID" and "Time format".

I believe these links might be useful:

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aqcarella commented Mar 23, 2024 via email

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