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This tutorial explains how to download videos from


Go to and select any videos, for example


In the source code extract the src parameter of the iframe player:


From this URL, extract the json URL from the json_url parameter:


In the JSON, select the video quality that you want, for example videoJsonPlayer.VSR.RTMP_SQ_8:

    "quality": "HD - 720p",
    "width": 1280,
    "height": 720,
    "mediaType": "rtmp",
    "mimeType": "application/x-fcs",
    "bitrate": 2200,
    "streamer": "rtmp://",
    "url": "geo/videothek/EUR_DE_FR/tvguide/046618-011-A_SQ_2_VOF-STMF_00767011_MP4-2200_AMM-Tvguide.mp4?e=1382539093&h=1bace4e51c75f98ed5bce1ca727d2651",
    "videoFormat": "RMP4",
    "versionProg": "8",
    "versionCode": "VOF-STMF",
    "versionLibelle": "ST sourds/mal"


Now you can download the video with rtmpdump


Execute rtmpdump with the following parameters (replace with the good values):

  −−tcUrl "rtmp://"

  −−swfVfy ""
  --app "a3903/o35/"
  −−pageUrl ""
  −−playpath "mp4:geo/videothek/..."
  −−rtmp "rtmp://"
  −−flv output_file




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xiangshuii commented Apr 2, 2017

If you want to download Videos with Subtitles to MP4, AVI, MKV on Mac and Windows,you will need Allavsoft, the best downloader, to help you.


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bumi commented Apr 12, 2017

thanks for sharing!! very helpful! :)

@raphaelmartin that could be: - but I think you have the wrong SRC address there.
I think my address started with something like


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walialu commented Jan 20, 2018


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AcidBurn2018 commented Feb 1, 2018

Oh wow I am very happy that i found this topic. I have a site and dont have any idea how to bring all of the json stuff together. I hope that this topic is not only for arte video streams. What I looking for is a direct url to the japanese live channel Music On! TV. After I try to get the url I found finaly the json file. This is the link to json:
And here is the content of json:<br><p>{"state":2,"uid":"1B27D19536BE9C738C528F451C90117E","vid":"A6098B5855D00D3D814571194FE1EABF","cid":"82E3629A1866A000001C6BFBD8220FB6","audited":1,"enable_hls":0,"name":"MUSIC ON! TV","description":"103-2","tags":"CS325ch,$LIVE_CAT_CS","ccount":null,"timeshift":null,"rate":0,"rate_count":0,"page":null,"movie_level":0,"running":1,"running_delta":21,"substreams":[{"id":"5F86807742A63CD32321743390FBE395","backup_id":null,"state":2,"live_id":"lv1","live_sid":"lv1","path":"/X4/aA/X4aAd0KmPNMjIXQzkPvjlQ==","audited":1,"width":1024,"height":576,"datarate":466,"vcodec":1748121140,"acodec":1633772320,"player1":null,"player2":null,"player3":null,"lang":null,"record":1,"encrypt_code":"5Q/abwJR/uiJ0vpUvE4Rzw==","def":"主码流","thumb_ver":2,"running":1,"running_delta":21,"format":1718646304,"http_url":"","p2p_url":"rtmfp://","rtmp_url":"rtmp://"}],"downloadable":false,"sc_tk":"3Q096ulfsK19LsmHBU0BBpOlaBYwEFJC7o3EicdErzzFEf4C40airMA4icVdwKGF0QAwhoKpHz2CHEckHJ9+jw==","code":"OK","type":"live","play_host":"","play_host_rtmfp":"rtmfp://"}</p>
I'm really sorry for the confusion. The stream can only be opened with a flash player. I would be very happy if someone could tell me which way to go.


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JannikArndt commented Jan 1, 2019

I created a script for this:


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nicos99 commented Jan 17, 2020

Yet an other script, in Python ;-)


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miquelbofill commented Mar 28, 2020

I created a script for this:

It works perfectly. Thank you for sharing.


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ghost commented Mar 29, 2020

It worked! thanks.


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dtf505 commented Apr 7, 2020

I'm new at this. Can someone explain me how this works. I used IDM to extract from, doesn't work anymore.

Thanks in advance

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