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Last active January 8, 2021 10:01
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React component - Convert textarea new lines to paragraphs
import React from "react";
// Normalise new lines from a textarea before outputting as JSX
export const Content = ({ content, className, lastParagraphMargin = "mb-0"}) => {
// Return null if there's no content passed to the component
if (!content || content.length === 0) {
return null;
// Normalise the new lines across different operating systems
// Split by \n
// Filter any empty array items
const paragraphs = content.replace(/(?:\\[rn]|[\r\n]+)+/g, "\n").split("\n").filter(Boolean);
// Loop over the paragraphs array, and output as JSX
// Last paragraph may have different margin, so pass this into the component
// NOTE: mb-5 is using TailwindCSS, so alter for your needs
return, paragraphIndex) => (
className={`${className} ${
paragraphIndex < paragraphs.length - 1 ? "mb-5" : lastParagraphMargin
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