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Last active October 22, 2022 15:46
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david-mark commented Dec 11, 2016

jQuery is hell and gone from any sort of architecture like this. They need to start by avoiding ill-advised "overloading" and the crutch methods (e.g. isPlainObject, isWindow), etc. that come with it.

It's about plug-ins, not "subclassing". Quotes indicate there are no classes in ECMAScript (just as there is no real concept of "overloading" in a loosely typed language), though TypeScript provides for such semantics. I prefer to implement such schemes in pure ECMAScript, despite a few warts in associated support functions (e.g. inherit in My Library). YMMD.

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mlhaufe commented Dec 11, 2016

#1 - ECMAScript 6 supports classes: Ref. Though it is still prototypical inheritance.

#2 - I'm not sure what you mean by "plug-ins"

#3 - Being "loosely typed" does not preclude overloading. It's simply syntactic sugar. Mozilla has a non-standard implementation of JavaScript which supports a form of this: Conditional Catch Clauses Also, you can see an example in Lua

I'd be curious to see what Jessie/MyLibrary looks like after you migrate to ES6 and modules.

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