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Simple jQuery Plugin Loader
$.load = function(options){
// check for something to load
if(options.src === undefined) return;
// load dependencies
if(options.deps !== undefined){
$.each(options.deps, function(key, value){
var type = value.split(".")[value.split(".").length - 1];
if(type === "js"){
}else if(type === "css"){
var css = document.createElement("link");
css.rel = "stylesheet";
css.href = value;
// append the new element
// load the script
$.getScript(options.src, function(){
// run the callback function if there is one
if(options.callback !== undefined){
src: "js/jquery.plugin.js", // the location of the script relative to the page (required)
deps: ["css/plugin.css", "js/jquery.dependecy.js"], // dependencies of the script (optional),
callback: function(){ // will run after the plugin has loaded (optional)
// do stuff with your plugin here

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commented Sep 23, 2016


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