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Last active Dec 13, 2015
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AutoKey code snippet to insert the current date. The original version did not work, I think because I am using Python3
This is for use in the AutoKey text expander under Linux
The version of this script that came with the program does not work
on my system...
I think it's because I use python3
Returns the current date. in the dd/mm/yyyy format
version 1.0
mlongval _at_ gmail _dot_ com
NB: hacked together in a few minutes... not really tested
use at your own risk
tags: autokey, date, linux, python3
# imports
import subprocess
# definitions
def decodeAndStrip(value):
value = value.decode("utf-8")
value = value.strip()
#end def decodeAndStrip
# main()
theDate = subprocess.check_output('date +"%d/%m/%Y"', shell=True)
#end program

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@mlongval mlongval commented Feb 14, 2013

Updated, for error in last line

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