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w=spark.sql(""" select submission_date_s3, client_id as cid, sum(coalesce(scalar_parent_browser_engagement_total_uri_count,0)) as turi, case when sum(coalesce(scalar_parent_browser_engagement_total_uri_count,0)) >=5 then 1 else 0 end as adau, cast(sum(coalesce(scalar_parent_browser_engagement_total_uri_count,0))/(sum(active_ticks*5.0/3600)) as float) as turihr from main_summary where submission_date_s3>='20180701' and submission_date_s3<='20180707'


HumanWeb Overview

Konark Modi, Alex Catarineu, Philipp Claßen and Josep M. Pujol at Cliqz

München, October 2016 [edited on October 2017]


Human Web is a methodology and system developed by Cliqz to collect data from users while protecting their privacy and anonymity.