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Custom statistics collector for Rtree in boost::geometry::index, not yet in Boost trunk, so copy to: {BOOSTDIR}/boost/geometry/index/detail/rtree/visitors/statistics.hppUPDATE: Added to Boost trunk:
// Boost.Geometry Index
// R-tree visitor collecting basic statistics
// Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Adam Wulkiewicz, Lodz, Poland.
// Copyright (c) 2013 Mateusz Loskot, London, UK.
// Use, modification and distribution is subject to the Boost Software License,
// Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
#include <boost/geometry/index/detail/indexable.hpp>
#include <algorithm>
#include <tuple>
namespace boost { namespace geometry { namespace index {
namespace detail { namespace rtree { namespace visitors {
template <typename Value, typename Options, typename Translator, typename Box, typename Allocators>
struct statistics : public rtree::visitor<Value, typename Options::parameters_type, Box, Allocators, typename Options::node_tag, true>::type
typedef typename rtree::internal_node<Value, typename Options::parameters_type, Box, Allocators, typename Options::node_tag>::type internal_node;
typedef typename rtree::leaf<Value, typename Options::parameters_type, Box, Allocators, typename Options::node_tag>::type leaf;
inline statistics()
: level(0)
, levels(1) // count root
, nodes(0)
, leaves(0)
, values(0)
, values_min(0)
, values_max(0)
inline void operator()(internal_node const& n)
typedef typename rtree::elements_type<internal_node>::type elements_type;
elements_type const& elements = rtree::elements(n);
++nodes; // count node
size_t const level_backup = level;
levels += level++ > levels ? 1 : 0; // count level (root already counted)
for (typename elements_type::const_iterator it = elements.begin();
it != elements.end(); ++it)
rtree::apply_visitor(*this, *it->second);
level = level_backup;
inline void operator()(leaf const& n)
typedef typename rtree::elements_type<leaf>::type elements_type;
elements_type const& elements = rtree::elements(n);
++leaves; // count leaves
std::size_t const v = elements.size();
// count values spread per node and total
values_min = (std::min)(values_min == 0 ? v : values_min, v);
values_max = (std::max)(values_max, v);
values += v;
std::size_t level;
std::size_t levels;
std::size_t nodes;
std::size_t leaves;
std::size_t values;
std::size_t values_min;
std::size_t values_max;
}}} // namespace detail::rtree::visitors
template <typename Value, typename Options, typename IndexableGetter, typename EqualTo, typename Allocator>
std::tuple<std::size_t, std::size_t, std::size_t, std::size_t, std::size_t, std::size_t>
statistics(rtree<Value, Options, IndexableGetter, EqualTo, Allocator> const& tree)
typedef rtree<Value, Options, IndexableGetter, EqualTo, Allocator> rtree_type;
typedef typename rtree_type::value_type value_type;
typedef typename rtree_type::options_type options_type;
typedef typename rtree_type::translator_type translator_type;
typedef typename rtree_type::box_type box_type;
typedef typename rtree_type::allocators_type allocators_type;
value_type, options_type, translator_type, box_type, allocators_type
> stats_v;
return std::make_tuple(stats_v.levels, stats_v.nodes, stats_v.leaves, stats_v.values, stats_v.values_min, stats_v.values_max);
}}} // namespace boost::geometry::index
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