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Maksym Lushpenko mlushpenko

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brendan-rius / Dockerfile
Created Jun 13, 2018
DeamonSet for setting inotify config in each nodein k8s
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FROM alpine
CMD ["/bin/sh", ""]
wangruohui / Install NVIDIA Driver and
Last active Sep 23, 2020
Install NVIDIA Driver and CUDA on Ubuntu / CentOS / Fedora Linux OS
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acolyer /
Last active Sep 11, 2020
Internet Scale Services Checklist

Internet Scale Services Checklist

A checklist for designing and developing internet scale services, inspired by James Hamilton's 2007 paper "On Desgining and Deploying Internet-Scale Services."

Basic tenets

  • Does the design expect failures to happen regularly and handle them gracefully?
  • Have we kept things as simple as possible?
aweijnitz / Vagrantfile
Last active Apr 30, 2017
This is a Vagrant file and a provisioning script to create a Debian-based Jenkins server, including Java, Ant and Tomcat. Also see "" below
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# -*- mode: ruby -*-
# vi: set ft=ruby :
# Vagrantfile API/syntax version. Don't touch unless you know what you're doing!
Vagrant.configure(VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION) do |config|
# Every Vagrant virtual environment requires a box to build off of.
# Named boxes, like this one, don't need a URL, since the are looked up
KelseyDH /
Last active Sep 4, 2020
Ruby on Rails Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting Tips

Ruby on Rails Windows Troubleshooting Tips & Survival Guide


The Ruby on Rails Windows Troubleshooting tips & Survival Guide is a random catalogue of issues I faced working with Ruby on Rails on Windows (Windows 7 specifically). This guide is not exhaustive, but covers many of the challenges that causes Windows Ruby developers to jump ship to Linux or Mac. If you're reading this guide then you're probably new to Ruby/Rails, so also included is more general beginner advice to help you get going.

Personal Side Note

Before you follow this guide, I strongly recommend you consider using Linux or Mac OS X for Ruby Development instead. Looking to prove a point as a challenge, I ignored this strongly given advice while learning Ruby/Rails. While I eventually did succeed in getting Ruby on Rails to work in Windows, it was not easy, and I easily lost 40+ hours on StackOverFlow to Windows/Ruby configuration issues--time I could have devoted to learning more about th

kevin-smets /
Last active Sep 22, 2020
iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh + Solarized color scheme + Source Code Pro Powerline + Font Awesome + [Powerlevel10k] - (macOS)





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