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07:19 < killsquad> i get to say nigger all i want because freenode is anti-furry
07:19 < killsquad> so nigger nigger nigger
07:19 -!- paper [~manu@] has joined #Node.js
07:19 -!- culturel_ [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
07:20 < mmalecki> killsquad: this kind of wording isn't accepted here
07:20 < killsquad> then dont be anti furry
07:20 -!- motoford [] has quit [Quit: motoford]
07:20 < killsquad> and dont have your channel on an anti-furry server
07:20 < killsquad> then you wont have to hear me say nigger
07:20 < niggler> if free node is anti-furry, why are you here killsquad ?
07:20 < jas-> killsquad: type, no one can hear you
07:21 -!- ChrisAnn [] has left #Node.js ["Leaving"]
07:21 < killsquad> maybe its not freenode thats anti furry, but a lot of ops here sure are anti-furry
07:21 < killsquad> and even if you're black, niggler
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