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Last active April 13, 2023 18:02
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Track down the JavaScript code responsible for polluting the global scope (see:
* GlobalsDebugger
* Inspect the stack when a global variable is being set on the window object.
* Given a global variable name, it proxies the variable name in the window
* object adding some custom code that will be invoked whenever the variable
* is set. The custom code will log the current stack trace and halt the code
* execution to allow inspecting the stack and context in your browser DevTools.
* You can use the "globalsToInspect" query-parameter to set a comma-separated
* list of names of the variables you want to inspect.
* Additionally, you can also add globals to inspect at runtime by invoking
* "window.__globalsDebugger__.addGlobalToInspect(globalName)" (which will be
* useful only if you expect these globals to be set asynchronously after you
* invoked addGlobalsToInspect).
window.__globalsDebugger__ = (function createGlobalsDebugger() {
// Name of the variables to inspect.
const globalsToInspect = [];
// Name of the variables that have already been inspected once.
const inspectedGlobals = [];
* Given a global variable name, halt the code execution when the variable
* gets set to allow inspecting the stack (to debug what line of code is
* setting it).
* @param {string} globalName Name of the global variable to inspect.
function addGlobalToInspect(globalName) {
if (!globalsToInspect.includes(globalName)) {
// Proxy the global variable that we're interested in to log the stack trace
// halt the execution when it gets set.
Object.defineProperty(window, globalName, {
get: function () {
return window[`__globals-debugger-proxy-for-${globalName}__`];
set: function (value) {
// To avoid noise in case the global is set multiple times, run the
// inspection only the first time the variable is set.
if (!inspectedGlobals.includes(globalName)) {
// Print the stack trace to the console.
// Halt the code execution (only if the DevTools are running).
window[`__globals-debugger-proxy-for-${globalName}__`] = value;
configurable: true,
// Start inspecting the global variables listed in the "globalsToInspect"
// query parameter.
const parsedUrl = new URL(window.location.href);
(parsedUrl.searchParams.get("globalsToInspect") || "")
.forEach((globalToInspect) => addGlobalToInspect(globalToInspect));
return {
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