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Last active October 8, 2021 08:34
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Is Chrome enable stylesheets asynchronously?
<p>Hello world</p>
<button id="btn">Toggle CSS</button>
const stylesheet = document.querySelector('#purecss');
const btn = document.querySelector('#btn');
btn.addEventListener('click', async () => {
// Notice we're within an async function
stylesheet.disabled = !stylesheet.disabled;
debugger; // 👈 At this point, the stylesheet should reflect the state set in the previous line
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mmazzarolo commented Oct 7, 2021

In Chrome (on the right), when we hit the breakpoint after re-enabling the stylesheet it still shows the unstyled content (and the pending network request???)
In other browsers the stylesheet is enabled/disabled synchronously.

Screenshot 2021-10-07 at 7 18 23 PM

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