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graphite/statsd/grafana setup on new Amazon Linux instance
# graphite/statsd/grafana setup on new Amazon Linux instance
# add http://graphite/ to grafana as a data source
sudo su
yum update --assumeyes
yum install --assumeyes docker
service docker start
docker \
run \
--name graphite \
--detach=true \
--publish 8125:8125/udp \
docker \
run \
--name grafana \
--detach=true \
--publish 80:3000 \
--link graphite:graphite \
# To turn off sending of idle stats in statsd:
# ssh to instance
# sudo su
# docker exec -it graphite bash
# Add "deleteIdleStats": true to /opt/statsd/config.js
# sv restart statsd
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januszm commented Jun 25, 2017

How do you configure graphite data source for Grafana in this setup? I mean when you add new Data Source in Grafana, you have to specify Http settings.

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kaivi commented Jul 2, 2017

@januszm well, it says how on line #2

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januszm commented Aug 4, 2017

Even with my eyes wide open I can't see a thing

  • Zatôichi

Obviously works fine, thanks!

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