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#!/usr/bin/env python
import csv
from pymarc import MARCReader
from os import listdir
from re import search
# change this line to match your folder structure
SRC_DIR = '/path/to/mrc/records'
# get a list of all .mrc files in source directory
file_list = filter(lambda x: search('.mrc', x), listdir(SRC_DIR))
csv_out = csv.writer(open('marc_records.csv', 'w'), delimiter = ',', quotechar = '"', quoting = csv.QUOTE_MINIMAL)
for item in file_list:
fd = file(SRC_DIR + '/' + item, 'r')
reader = MARCReader(fd)
for record in reader:
title = author = date = subject = oclc = publisher = ''
# title
if record['245'] is not None:
title = record['245']['a']
if record['245']['b'] is not None:
title = title + " " + record['245']['b']
# determine author
if record['100'] is not None:
author = record['100']['a']
elif record['110'] is not None:
author = record['110']['a']
elif record['700'] is not None:
author = record['700']['a']
elif record['710'] is not None:
author = record['710']['a']
# date
if record['260'] is not None:
date = record['260']['c']
# subject
if record['650'] is not None:
subject = record['650']['a']
# oclc number
if record['035'] is not None:
if len(record.get_fields('035')[0].get_subfields('a')) > 0:
oclc = record['035']['a'].replace('(OCoLC)', '')
# publisher
if record['260'] is not None:
publisher = record['260']['b']
csv_out.writerow([title, author, date, subject, oclc, publisher])
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