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Value / Type namespace error 23:1 error: Duplicate definition of value Matrix4 struct Matrix4<T:copy fuzzy_eq Num> { let m11: T; let m12: T; let m13: T; let m14: T; let m21: T; let m22: T; let m23: T; let m24: T; let m31: T; let m32: T; let m33: T; let m34: T; let m41: T; let m42: T; let m43: T; let m44: T; } 16:1 note: First definition of value Matrix4 here: pure fn Matrix4<T:copy fuzzy_eq Num>(m11: T, m12: T, m13: T, m14: T, m21: T, m22: T, m23: T, m24: T, m31: T, m32: T, m33: T, m34: T, m41: T, m42: T, m43: T, m44: T) -> Matrix4<T> {
error: aborting due to previous error
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