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Created September 28, 2021 23:16
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Unity function to get all properties in a SerializedObject with an attribute.
// Example usage inside Editor.OnSceneGUI for Vector3 fields:
// foreach (var property in GetPropertiesWithAttribute<MyCustomAttribute>(serializedObject))
// {
// Handles.Label(property.vector3Value,;
// }
static IEnumerable<SerializedProperty> GetPropertiesWithAttribute<TAttribute>(SerializedObject serializedObject)
var targetObjectType = serializedObject.targetObject.GetType();
var property = serializedObject.GetIterator();
while (property.Next(true))
var field = targetObjectType.GetField(;
if (field != null && Attribute.IsDefined(field, typeof(TAttribute)))
yield return property.Copy();
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