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Pardot Hack: Don't link prospects from forwarded emails!
// Forgets the current user (similar to clearing cookies)
// if he changes the email address.
// Requires jQuery and the "Not You" setting on the Pardot form.
$(function() {
var $email, $notYou, href;
// Get the email section from the Pardot form.
$email = $('#pardot-form');
// Hide the "Not You" option.
$notYou = $email.find('span.description').hide();
// Get the "Not You" URL and ping it to forget the current user,
// but only if the email is being changed.
href = $notYou.find('a[href^="/form/incorrectProspect/"]').attr('href');
$email.find('input').change(function() {
href && $.get(href);
// This only needs to be run once, not every time email changes.
href = null;
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