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Last active January 7, 2022 14:50
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
OUTPUT_LOG_FILE=/tmp/mysql-dev-$(date +%s).log
function StopLog {
echo "Stopping MySQL log"
docker exec dev-db mysql --user=root --execute="set global general_log=0;"
docker exec dev-db rm -f $DOCKER_LOG_FILE
echo "Starting MySQL log"
docker exec dev-db rm -f $DOCKER_LOG_FILE
docker exec dev-db mysql --user=root --execute="set global log_output=FILE; set global general_log_file=\"$DOCKER_LOG_FILE\"; set global general_log=1;"
trap StopLog EXIT
echo -n "Run your SQL thing on DEV-DB and press [Enter] when done... "; read -r
echo "Your log file is here:" $OUTPUT_LOG_FILE
-- Log incoming SQL on MySQL server:
set global log_output=FILE;
set global general_log_file="C:/Test/MySQL.log";
set global general_log=1;
-- Turn off:
set global general_log=0;
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