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/* Copyright 2011-2015 elementary LLC.
* This file is part of the elementary GTK theme.
* The elementary GTK theme is free software: you can redistribute it
* and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
* License, or (at your option) any later version.
* The elementary GTK theme is distributed in the hope that it will be
* useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with the elementary GTK theme. If not, see
/* Brand Colors */
@define-color colorPrimary @titlebar_color;
@define-color colorAccent @selected_bg_color;
@define-color textColorPrimary shade (@text_color, 0.9);
@define-color textColorPrimaryShadow alpha (shade (@colorPrimary, 0.5), 0.6);
/* Default color scheme */
@define-color base_color #383e41;
@define-color bg_color alpha (shade (@base_color, 0.96), 0.9);
@define-color bg_highlight_color shade (@bg_color, 1.4);
@define-color border_color alpha (#000, 0.25);
@define-color fg_color #969f9d;
@define-color insensitive_color mix(@bg_color, @text_color, 0.31);
@define-color inset_dark_color alpha (#000, 0.03);
@define-color inset_dark_color_backdrop alpha (#000, 0.03);
@define-color menu_separator alpha (#000, 0.25);
@define-color menu_separator_shadow alpha (#fff, 0.05);
@define-color placeholder_text_color shade(@text_color, 0.8);
@define-color progress_row_trough_color #DEDEDE;
@define-color selected_bg_color #3d9bda;
@define-color selected_fg_color #FFF;
@define-color text_color #c0c6c4;
@define-color text_shadow_color alpha (#000, 0.4);
@define-color titlebar_color #383e41;
@define-color title_color shade (@text_color, 0.9);
@define-color title_shadow_color alpha (#000, 0.6);
@define-color tooltip_bg_color #000;
@define-color tooltip_fg_color #FFF;
@define-color internal_element_color mix(@text_color, @base_color, 0.4);
@define-color internal_element_prelight mix(@text_color, @base_color, 0.4);
@define-color internal_element_insensitive mix(@internal_element_color, @base_color, 0.7);
@define-color view_symbolic_color shade(@internal_element_color, 0.8);
/* Colormap actually used by the theme, to be overridden in other css files */
@define-color theme_base_color @base_color;
@define-color theme_text_color @text_color;
@define-color theme_bg_color @bg_color;
@define-color theme_fg_color @fg_color;
@define-color theme_tooltip_bg_color @tooltip_bg_color;
@define-color theme_tooltip_fg_color @tooltip_fg_color;
@define-color theme_selected_bg_color @selected_bg_color;
@define-color theme_selected_fg_color @selected_fg_color;
@define-color attention_color #3d9bda;
@define-color link_color #08C;
@define-color frame_color #8a9580;
@define-color inactive_frame_color #c7ccc1;
@define-color warning_color #fbc02d;
@define-color error_color #c92e34;
@define-color success_color #73d216;
@define-color metacity_color @titlebar_color;
@define-color info_fg_color rgb (0, 136, 204);
@define-color info_bg_color rgb (252, 252, 189);
@define-color warning_fg_color rgb (173, 120, 41);
@define-color warning_bg_color rgb (250, 173, 61);
@define-color question_fg_color rgb (97, 122, 214);
@define-color question_bg_color rgb (138, 173, 212);
@define-color error_fg_color rgb (166, 38, 38);
@define-color error_bg_color rgb (237, 54, 54);
@define-color insensitive_bg_color #f4f4f2;
@define-color insensitive_fg_color #a7aba7;
@import url("gtk-widgets.css");
@import url("gtk-widgets-dark.css");
@import url("granite-widgets.css");
@import url("granite-widgets-dark.css");
@import url("apps.css");
@import url("animate.css");
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