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Last active Dec 11, 2015
How to capture screenshots of website using 'crawl' and 'capture'


First install 'crawl' and 'capture'

npm install -g crawl
npm install -g capture

Note: 'capture' requires PhantomJS. I generaly install using homebrew on a Mac.

Crawl Site

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Created Jul 18, 2013
Proposed Open Source Software / Hardware Professional Organization


To promote the professional development of open source software and hardware through financial and professional services support.


  • Ongoing funding of established projects as selected by organization / members
  • Incubate new projects via grant process
  • Provided professional services to members
    • Mentoring
    • Legal
  • Etc.
mmoulton /
Last active Nov 7, 2020
Docker Container Stats Collection Using Collectd

Docker stats collection for collectd

This script can be used to feed collectd with cpu and memory usage statistics for running docker containers using the collectd exec plugin.

This script will report the used and cached memory as well as the user and system cpu usage by inspecting the appropriate cgroup stat file for each running container.


This script is intented to be executed by collectd on a host with running docker containers. To use, simply configure the exec plugin in collectd to execute the script. You may need to adjust the script to match your particulars, such as the mount location for cgroup.


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