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An overview of what belongs in each directory of a Vim plugin.
naming convention: name_of_plugin.vim
these files are sourced for all file types
naming convention: name_of_plugin.txt
these files document the functionality of a plugin
naming convention: name_of_colorscheme.vim
these files define a colorscheme for syntax highlighting
naming convention: filetype.vim
these files define the operators, keywords and constructs of a language
the syntax groups defined here are used by the colorscheme
(much like HTML elements, ids and classes provide hooks for CSS styling)
naming convention: filetype.vim
these files define the `indentexpr` for a language
the `indentexpr` is used by the `=`, `o` and `O` commands
naming convention: filetype.vim
these files are sourced only for the specified filetype
suitable for defining functionality for one particular language
e.g. a command to build an HTML document from a markdown source
naming convention: ???.vim
Vim provides a mechanism to ensure that startup time isn't compromised
when large scripts are loaded. Functions, commands and mappings defined
in the autoload directory are defined with an empty implementation on
startup. It is only when these commands are invoked by the user that the
script is sourced in full, and each command is attached to its
:help autoload-functions
:help 41.14
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