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sysbench Liquidweb Dedicated box
[root@ether ~]# sysbench --num-threads=1 --test=memory --memory-total-size=2G run
WARNING: the --test option is deprecated. You can pass a script name or path on the command line without any options.
sysbench 1.0.9 (using system LuaJIT 2.0.4)
Running the test with following options:
Number of threads: 1
Initializing random number generator from current time
Running memory speed test with the following options:
block size: 1KiB
total size: 2048MiB
operation: write
scope: global
Initializing worker threads...
Threads started!
Total operations: 2097152 (4773937.72 per second)
2048.00 MiB transferred (4662.05 MiB/sec)
General statistics:
total time: 0.4380s
total number of events: 2097152
Latency (ms):
min: 0.00
avg: 0.00
max: 0.18
95th percentile: 0.00
sum: 194.34
Threads fairness:
events (avg/stddev): 2097152.0000/0.00
execution time (avg/stddev): 0.1943/0.00
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