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Mark Penner mnpenner

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mnpenner / mysql.js
Last active Jul 5, 2018
JoinMonster MySQL Dialect
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/* eslint-disable no-restricted-syntax, no-use-before-define */
import _ from 'lodash';
import {log} from '../debug';
import {
// interpretForKeysetPaging,
// keysetPagingSelect,
// offsetPagingSelect,
View jquery-ui-datepicker-fixed-position-patch.js
const checkOffset = $.datepicker._checkOffset;
$.extend($.datepicker, {
_checkOffset: function(inst, offset, isFixed) {
if(!isFixed) {
return checkOffset.apply(this, arguments);
let isRTL = this._get(inst, "isRTL");
let obj = inst.input[0];
View address_to_location.html
<!doctype html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
<title>Location to Timezone</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
View big_list_of_naughty_sql_chars.txt
naughty becomes charsets
0x0027 0x005C 0x27 UCS-2 [\] UCS-2BE [\] UCS-2LE [尀] UTF-16 [\] UTF-16BE [\] UTF-16LE [尀]
0x0127 0x015C 0x27 UCS-2 [Ŝ] UCS-2BE [Ŝ] UCS-2LE [封] UTF-16 [Ŝ] UTF-16BE [Ŝ] UTF-16LE [封]
0x0227 0x025C 0x27 UCS-2 [ɜ] UCS-2BE [ɜ] UCS-2LE [専] UTF-16 [ɜ] UTF-16BE [ɜ] UTF-16LE [専]
0x0327 0x035C 0x27 UCS-2 [͜] UCS-2BE [͜] UCS-2LE [尃] UTF-16 [͜] UTF-16BE [͜] UTF-16LE [尃]
0x0427 0x045C 0x27 UCS-2 [ќ] UCS-2BE [ќ] UCS-2LE [射] UTF-16 [ќ] UTF-16BE [ќ] UTF-16LE [射]
0x0527 0x055C 0x27 UCS-2 [՜] UCS-2BE [՜] UCS-2LE [尅] UTF-16 [՜] UTF-16BE [՜] UTF-16LE [尅]
0x0627 0x065C 0x27 UCS-2 [ٜ] UCS-2BE [ٜ] UCS-2LE [将] UTF-16 [ٜ] UTF-16BE [ٜ] UTF-16LE [将]
0x0727 0x075C 0x27 UCS-2 [ݜ] UCS-2BE [ݜ] UCS-2LE [將] UTF-16 [ݜ] UTF-16BE [ݜ] UTF-16LE [將]
0x0827 0x085C 0x27 UCS-2 [࡜] UCS-2BE [࡜] UCS-2LE [專] UTF-16 [࡜] UTF-16BE [࡜] UTF-16LE [專]
View countries.json
[{"timezones":["Europe\/Andorra"],"code":"AD","continent":"Europe","name":"Andorra","capital":"Andorra la Vella"},{"timezones":["Asia\/Kabul"],"code":"AF","continent":"Asia","name":"Afghanistan","capital":"Kabul"},{"timezones":["America\/Antigua"],"code":"AG","continent":"North America","name":"Antigua and Barbuda","capital":"St. John's"},{"timezones":["Europe\/Tirane"],"code":"AL","continent":"Europe","name":"Albania","capital":"Tirana"},{"timezones":["Asia\/Yerevan"],"code":"AM","continent":"Asia","name":"Armenia","capital":"Yerevan"},{"timezones":["Africa\/Luanda"],"code":"AO","continent":"Africa","name":"Angola","capital":"Luanda"},{"timezones":["America\/Argentina\/Buenos_Aires","America\/Argentina\/Cordoba","America\/Argentina\/Jujuy","America\/Argentina\/Tucuman","America\/Argentina\/Catamarca","America\/Argentina\/La_Rioja","America\/Argentina\/San_Juan","America\/Argentina\/Mendoza","America\/Argentina\/Rio_Gallegos","America\/Argentina\/Ushuaia"],"code":"AR","continent":"South America","name":"Argen
View jquery.validator.defaults.js
onfocusout: function(element, event) {
if(element.tagName === 'TEXTAREA' || (element.tagName === 'INPUT' && element.type !== 'password')) {
element.value = $.trim(element.value);
return $, element, event);
mnpenner / startswith_benchmark.php
Last active Jun 8, 2017
Various StartsWith implementations
View startswith_benchmark.php
function substr_startswith($haystack, $needle) {
return substr($haystack, 0, strlen($needle)) === $needle;
function preg_match_startswith($haystack, $needle) {
return preg_match('~' . preg_quote($needle, '~') . '~A', $haystack) > 0;
View filter_select_options.js
exports.bindSelectDataFilter = function(select1, select2, dataAttr, backFilter) {
var $select1 = $(select1);
var $select2 = $(select2);
var $options = $select2.find('option'); // we need to cache these outside of the DOM; unfortunately this will break <optgroups>
var changeFunc = function() {
var $oldOption = $select2.find('option:selected');
var selectValue = $select1.val();
if(selectValue && selectValue != '0') {
$select2.html($options.filter(function() {
var dataValue = $(this).data(dataAttr);
View FileSystemLoader.js
var nunjucks = require('nunjucks');
var gaze = require('gaze');
var lib = require('nunjucks/src/lib');
var fs = require('fs');
var path = require('path');
var _ = require('lodash');
// Node <0.7.1 compatibility
var existsSync = fs.existsSync || path.existsSync;
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