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Customize YUIBuilder to integrate mustache
<loadfile property="component.mustache.partial" srcFile="${basedir}/mustache/">
<!-- delete blank lines, line breakers, tab character and multiple white spaces -->
<replaceregex pattern="\t" replace="" flags="gi"/>
<replaceregex pattern=" +" replace="" flags="gi"/>
<copy file="${builddir}/files/moduletemplate.txt" tofile="@{file}" overwrite="true">
<filter token="CODE" value="${@{module}-@{file}-code}" />
<filter token="YUIVAR" value="${yui.variable}" />
<filter token="MODULE" value="@{module}" />
<filter token="DETAILS" value="${@{module}-details}" />
<filter token="VERSION" value="${component.version}" />
<filter token="MUSTACHE_TEMPLATE" value="${component.mustache.template}" />
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