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$arr = array(
'Color' => array('Red', 'Blue'),
'Size' => array('Regular', 'Large'),
'Material' => array('Metalic', 'Nylon')
function magic_algorithm($arr){
function cartesian_product($arrays) {
$result = array();
if (count($arrays) == 0) {
return array(array());
$first_key = key($arrays);
$first_array = array_shift($arrays);
$rec = cartesian_product($arrays);
foreach ($first_array as $v) {
foreach ($rec as $tail) {
$result []= array_merge(array($first_key => $v), $tail);
return $result;
$product = cartesian_product($arr);
$result = array();
foreach ($product as $row) {
$line = array();
foreach ($row as $key => $val) {
$line []= "$key: $val";
$result []= join("; ", $line);
return $result;
$result = magic_algorithm($arr);
$expected = array(
"Color: Red; Size: Regular; Material: Metalic",
"Color: Red; Size: Regular; Material: Nylon",
"Color: Red; Size: Large; Material: Metalic",
"Color: Red; Size: Large; Material: Nylon",
"Color: Blue; Size: Regular; Material: Metalic",
"Color: Blue; Size: Regular; Material: Nylon",
"Color: Blue; Size: Large; Material: Metalic",
"Color: Blue; Size: Large; Material: Nylon"
echo ($expected == $result) ? "Passed" : "Failed";
echo "\n";
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