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Example `.bash_profile` file
# Edit this file
alias aliases="nano ~/.bash_profile" # usage: type `aliases` in Terminal
# Navigate to location
alias home="cd ~"
alias desktop="cd ~/Desktop/"
alias repos="cd ~/Documents/Repos/"
# Navigate to project directory
alias ds="clear && cd ~/Documents/Repos/design-system"
alias docs="clear && cd ~/Documents/Repos/design-system-docs"
# MacOS System
alias showhiddenfiles="defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES" # requires Finder relaunch
alias hidehiddenfiles="defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO" # requires Finder relaunch
# Example exported environment variable
export SOME_SECRET_PASSWORD="password123!"
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jserrao commented Dec 5, 2017

Good starter.

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iradofurioso commented Jan 17, 2018

helpful it gave some insights to setup my development environment

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novellizator commented Mar 13, 2018

if you type "cd" without arguments, it navigates into home directory

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