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modulitos / userChrome.css
Created Apr 21, 2019
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@namespace url("");
/* to hide the native tabs */
#TabsToolbar {
visibility: collapse;
/* to hide the sidebar header */
#sidebar-header {
visibility: collapse;
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// var swarm = require('discovery-swarm')
// var sw = swarm({
// dns: {
// server: [
// '',
// ''
// ]
// },
// dht: true
// })
View beginner's org file
* root topic - TAB and S-TAB to toggle folding
** child topic
child topic text
*** leaf topic:
some text blah
*** another leaf topic:
# test table - TAB to cycle through columns, M-e to move point to end of cell
View emacs test init file
;; Basic evil-mode and org-mode config to get started
;; Include this in your Emacs config file (ie ~/.emacs.d/init.el or ~/.emacs)
(require 'evil)
;; Enable Evil mode as defuault
(evil-mode 1)
;; Treat wrapped line scrolling as single lines
(define-key evil-normal-state-map (kbd "j") 'evil-next-visual-line)
(define-key evil-normal-state-map (kbd "k") 'evil-previous-visual-line)
;;; esc quits pretty much anything (like pending prompts in the minibuffer)
(define-key evil-normal-state-map [escape] 'keyboard-quit)
modulitos / data.csv
Created Aug 13, 2015
data! from!
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asdf fes
yup! it works!
modulitos /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Ideas for a module that automatically handles account generation/updates from forms


This is a set of ideas for how an forms2accounts module could work that uses accountdown and is meant to facilitate the creation and updates of accounts from a form. Primary usage would be on the server.


var forms2accounts = require('forms2accounts')

or some similar package name. forms2accounts is available, though

View wpa_supplicant.asciidoc

WPA Supplicant

wpa_supplicant is a cross-platform WPA Supplicant with support for WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i/RSN (Robust Secure Network)). It is suitable for desktops, laptops and embedded systems.

wpa_supplicant is the IEEE 802.1X/WPA component that is used in the client

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name = Luke Swart
email =
editor = vim
tool = kdiff3
st = status
cm = commit
modulitos / .bashrc
Created Oct 17, 2014
.bashrc (remote)
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# Set colorful prompt
# export PS1='\[\e[1;32m\][\u@\h \W]\$\[\e[0m\] '
export MYPS='$(echo -n "${PWD/#$HOME/~}" | awk -F "/" '"'"'{if (length($0) > 20) { if (NF>4) print $1 "/" $2 "/.../" $(NF-1) "/" $NF; else if (NF>3) print $1 "/" $2 "/.../" $NF; else print $1 "/.../" $NF; } else print $0;}'"'"')'
case "$TERM" in
PS1="> "
PS1='\[\e[1;32m\][\u@\h]$(eval "echo ${MYPS}")$\[\e[0m\] '
modulitos / .tmux.conf
Created Oct 17, 2014
tmux.conf (remote)
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unbind C-b
set -g prefix C-z
bind-key z send-prefix
set-option -g history-limit 1000
setw -g mode-keys vi
# unbind [
# bind Escape copy-mode
unbind p
bind p paste-buffer