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list of references of my talk at

___an infinite space

45 ways to visualize two numbers

___navigating the infinite space

knights movement:


↓ same vis method as: meteors

→ same data as: meteors map

↓ same vis method as: tweetmap

→ same data as: pleiades

↓ same vis as graph in lostalgic

→ same data as matrix in lostalgic

↓ same vis method as matrix in mûsli



Pinterest boards:

Periscopic's 'inspiration'

Jeff Clark 'visual inspiration'

Giorgia Luppi's 'inspirations from abstract art' 

Jan Willem Tulp's 'inspiration' 

Sha Wang's 'UltraMapping'

mine 'patterns, patterns everywhere'  


Life, the Universe and Everything


Excher’s Balcony

Personal Knowledge Database

D’Arcy Thompson:'Arcy_Wentworth_Thompson

other references: drake equation: | hyperbolic space: ||||| some of the mentioned books: | where ideas come from | the information

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