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mofelee /
Created February 7, 2023 11:31 — forked from craig-m-unsw/
Parallels (MacOS M1 host) Packer + Vagrant of Ubuntu 20.04 arm64. Installed with cloud-init and configured with Ansible.

parallels Packer (arm64)

A simple Packer + Vagrant install of Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) LTS server for arm64, to run from my M1 Mac on Parallels Pro (17.1). Currently on MacOS Monterey.

Packer will run the ansible playbook.yml before the machine is shutdown and exported.

The installation is automated by cloud-init (which reads user-data). The file meta-data just needs to be an empty text file (you need to create this - no blank files or folders allowed in gists).

mofelee / cheat_sheet.txt
Created August 8, 2022 13:17 — forked from rkubik/cheat_sheet.txt
GDB cheat sheet
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GDB commands by function - simple guide
More important commands have a (*) by them.
% gdb -help print startup help, show switches
*% gdb object normal debug
*% gdb object core core debug (must specify core file)
%% gdb object pid attach to running process
% gdb use file command to load object
mofelee /
Created August 3, 2022 05:22 — forked from Zekfad/
Conventional Commits Cheatsheet

Quick examples

  • feat: new feature
  • fix(scope): bug in scope
  • feat!: breaking change / feat(scope)!: rework API
  • chore(deps): update dependencies

Commit types

  • build: Changes that affect the build system or external dependencies (example scopes: gulp, broccoli, npm)
  • ci: Changes to CI configuration files and scripts (example scopes: Travis, Circle, BrowserStack, SauceLabs)
  • chore: Changes which doesn't change source code or tests e.g. changes to the build process, auxiliary tools, libraries
mofelee / alfred.json
Created June 13, 2022 03:44 — forked from nmhnmh/alfred.json
Template for Alfred App Script Filter JSON output
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"variables": {
"fruit": "banana",
"vegetable": "carrot"
"rerun" : 1,
"items": [
"uid": "desktop",
"type": "file",
mofelee / Vagrantfile
Created November 16, 2017 02:38 — forked from anthonysterling/Vagrantfile
Handy Vagrantfile for IE testing with Vagrant.
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# Usage: IE={box} vagrant up
# Eg. IE=XPIE6 vagrant up
boxes = {
"XPIE6" => "",
"XPIE8" => "",
"VistaIE7" => "",
"Win7IE8" => "",
"Win7IE9" => "",
mofelee / k8s-create-deployment.go
Created November 9, 2017 06:31 — forked from ffledgling/k8s-create-deployment.go
kubernetes client-go example: Create a Deployment based on json
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package main
import (
// We use pretty instead of the common go-spew or pretty-printing because,
// go-spew is vendored in client-go and causes problems
mofelee /
Created September 25, 2017 10:45
Update linux kernel and enable google bbr on ubuntu
# update kernel
dpkg -i linux-image-4.10.0*.deb
# check kernel
uname -a


kubectl port-forward -n kube-system "$(kubectl get -n kube-system pod --selector=weave-scope-component=app -o jsonpath='{}')" 4040


kubectl run kubernetes-bootcamp --port=8080
mofelee / reference.lua
Created June 4, 2017 17:20 — forked from doches/reference.lua
Lua Cheat Sheet
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-- Lua Cheat Sheet for Programmers, by Al Sweigart
-- This cheat sheet is an executable Lua program.
--[[ This is
a multline comment]]
---[[ This is a neat trick. The first -- makes -[[ not a multiline comment.
print("This line executes.")
--]] The rest of this line is also a comment.
print("Here is a string" .. ' concatenated with ' .. 2 .. ' other strings.')