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example sh for jenkins on mac
# Startup script used by Jenkins launchd job.
# Mac OS X launchd process calls this script to customize
# the java process command line used to run Jenkins.
# Customizable parameters are found in
# /Library/Preferences/org.jenkins-ci.plist
# You can manipulate it using the "defaults" utility.
# See "man defaults" for details.
defaults="defaults read /Library/Preferences/org.jenkins-ci"
war=`$defaults war` || war="/Applications/Jenkins/jenkins.war"
heapSize=`$defaults heapSize` && javaArgs="$javaArgs -Xmx${heapSize}"
home=`$defaults JENKINS_HOME` && export JENKINS_HOME="$home"
add_to_args() {
val=`$defaults $1` && args="$args --${1}=${val}"
add_to_args prefix
add_to_args httpPort
add_to_args 8090
#add_to_args httpListenAddress
add_to_args httpsPort
add_to_args httpsListenAddress
add_to_args ajp13Port
add_to_args ajp13ListenAddress
echo "Jenkins command line for execution:"
echo /usr/bin/java $javaArgs -jar "$war" $args
exec /usr/bin/java $javaArgs -jar "$war" $args
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