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Last active September 26, 2022 16:06
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debounce is decorator wrapper that suspends calls to f until there’s ms milliseconds of inactivity
* use this function if you want to call other function after some
* time(provided by you in ms parameter) with latest arguments.
* Basically it delay our functino call by given MS(milliseconds).
function debounce(fun,ms) {
let time; // storing timer returned by setTimeout api.
return function() {
clearTimeout(time); // clear timer on each time of function call.
time = setTimeout(() => fun(...arguments), ms)
function plus(a, b) {
console.log(a + b);
// calling plus function after 500ms
const check = debounce(pluc, 500)
check(5, 6) // we not see result in console bcz we call next statement without any delay
check(6, 7) // we see 13 in console as expected result, if you want to see
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