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Working from home

Mohsen Mojaddam mohsenmojadam2019

Working from home
  • shakeway agency
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Laravel-websockets, SSL Certificate, Let's Encrypt, Certbot, Supervisor, Digitalocean Ubuntu

I did two days work to run laravel-websockets on my server. It will be nice to share with you.


Step1 - Laravel Websockets Installation with composer

Laravel WebSockets can be installed via composer:

mohsenmojadam2019 / Arabic character to Persian (Farsi) - PHP
Created September 19, 2021 17:20 — forked from amirasaran/Arabic character to Persian (Farsi) - PHP
convert Arabic character to Persian (Farsi) - PHP
public static function arabicToPersian($string)
$characters = [
'ك' => 'ک',
'دِ' => 'د',
'بِ' => 'ب',
'زِ' => 'ز',
'ذِ' => 'ذ',
'شِ' => 'ش',