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WooCommerce: Increase variation threshold to prevent AJAX
function ww_ajax_variation_threshold( $default, $product ) {
return 50; // increase this number if needed
add_filter( 'woocommerce_ajax_variation_threshold', 'ww_ajax_variation_threshold', 10, 2 );
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giannischiout commented Oct 24, 2020

Hi, how do i properly ad this to my childs theme? Where do i place it? Will it need any changes in the future, and why would that be? Thank you very much!

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sandeepb633 commented Feb 18, 2021

where i have to place the above code

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imhugos commented Jun 17, 2021

where i have to place the above code

Hi, I hope it's not too late... You can place this code on functions.php of your theme / child theme.

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tarik8844 commented Oct 9, 2021

i want to set this kind of variations
select 4 variations for free from 10
select 1 variation from 4
if seleceted new variation price for each selection is 2$ for example
this is helpful for composition of salad for example
thank you

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