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var music, musicParse;
musicParse = function(f) {
return eval("for(var t=0,S='RIFF_oO_WAVEfmt " + atob('EAAAAAEAAQBAHwAAQB8AAAEACAA') + "data';++t<3e5;)S+=String.fromCharCode(" + f + ")");
music = function() {
var audio, formula;
formula = '(t<<3)*[8/9,1,9/8,6/5,4/3,3/2,0][[0xd2d2c8,0xce4088,0xca32c8,0x8e4009][t>>14&3]>>(0x3dbe4688>>((t>>10&15)>9?18:t>>10&15)*3&7)*3&7]&255';
audio = new Audio("data:audio/wav;base64," + (btoa(musicParse(formula))));
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