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* Jay's Cheesesteaks (many seitan flavors)
* Ike's Place (tons of amazing veggie sandwiches)
* Toaster Oven (Potbelly's clone)
* Papalote (their house salsa is the best IN THE WORLD)
* El Buen Sabor (my favorite super veggie burrito)
* Taqueria Cancún (classic mission burrito; open till 2am on fri/sat, 1am other days, I think)
* Tsunami (awesomest veggie rolls and sake selection)
* Chaya (all vegan japanese and sushi)
* OSHA (Tom Ka and Veggie Spring Rolls are to die for)
* Tara (not too busy usually, great Pad Ke Mao)
* Yum Yum Hunan (get the Veggie Potstickers, General Tso Meatless Chicken, and Szechuan String Bean. Order outside of this selection at your own peril)
* Golden Era (excellent selection of seitan fake meat dishes)
* Pakwan (amazing Paneer Tika Masala, and many other veggie dishes)
* Udupi Palace (all vegetarian south indian)
* Burma Superstar (get the samosa soup and rainbow salad. it'll blow your mind)
* Casa (indian food wraps. sounds weird; tastes good!; several locations)
* Sunflower (the best lunch special around. delicious soup and egg rolls)
Burgers and Fries:
* Barney's Gourmet Hamburger (big selection of awesome veggie burgers. get the curly fries and a shake to round it out!)
* Marcellos (best thin crust)
* Golden Boy (thick crust, good during a night of drinking up in North Beach)
* Patxi's Pizza (best chicago style deep dish in the city)
* Tartine (super famous bakery. try the morning buns!)
* Mama's (holy crap so amazing, get here if you can!)
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kneath commented Mar 30, 2010

This gist is outdated. Check out the repo instead:

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asdf is fdas's cousin

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Can anyone write a comment here?

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spinachgui commented Apr 1, 2010

Guess so!

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slt tt les mounde

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