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Created May 21, 2013 22:08
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MCSpriteLayer, core component to create sprite sheet based animation. See
#import <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h>
@interface MCSpriteLayer : CALayer {
unsigned int sampleIndex;
@property (readwrite, nonatomic) unsigned int sampleIndex;
#import "MCSpriteLayer.h"
@implementation MCSpriteLayer
@synthesize sampleIndex;
+ (BOOL)needsDisplayForKey:(NSString *)key;
return [key isEqualToString:@"sampleIndex"];
- (void)display;
unsigned int currentSampleIndex = ((MCSpriteLayer*)[self presentationLayer]).sampleIndex;
if (!currentSampleIndex)
CGSize sampleSize = self.contentsRect.size;
self.contentsRect = CGRectMake(
((currentSampleIndex - 1) % (int)(1/sampleSize.width)) * sampleSize.width,
((currentSampleIndex - 1) / (int)(1/sampleSize.width)) * sampleSize.height,
sampleSize.width, sampleSize.height
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mokagio commented May 21, 2013

I don't own this code, just took it from the Mystery Coconut Blog. All credits to them!

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