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@moleike moleike/routes.scala
Last active Sep 7, 2018

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import io.finch._
import io.finch.syntax._
import shapeless._
import scala.language.existentials
trait Route {
private object base extends Endpoint[HNil] {
def apply(input: Input): Endpoint.Result[HNil] = EndpointResult.NotMatched
def endpoints: Endpoint[_] = base
trait Foo extends Route {
override def endpoints = get("foo") :+: super.endpoints
trait Bar extends Route {
override def endpoints = get("bar") :+: super.endpoints
object api extends Foo with Bar
api.endpoints(Input.get("/")) // NotMatched
api.endpoints(Input.get("/foo")) // Matched
api.endpoints(Input.get("/bar")) // Matched
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