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Random Name Generator in R
# recreating
# dictionary:
# define our two vectors with the names we'd like to use
first <- c("Fear", "Frontier", "Nanny", "Job", "Yard", "Airport", "Half Pint", "Commando", "Fast Food", "Basketball", "Bachelorette", "Diva", "Baggage", "College", "Octane", "Clean", "Sister", "Army", "Drama", "Backyard", "Pirate", "Shark", "Project", "Model", "Survival", "Justice", "Mom", "New York", "Jersey", "Ax", "Warrior", "Ancient", "Pawn", "Throttle", "The Great American", "Knight", "American", "Outback", "Celebrity", "Air", "Restaurant", "Bachelor", "Family", "Royal", "Surf", "Ulitmate", "Date", "Operation", "Fish Tank", "Logging", "Hollywood", "Amateur", "Craft", "Mystery", "Intervention", "Dog", "Human", "Rock", "Ice Road", "Shipping", "Modern", "Crocodile", "Farm", "Amish", "Single", "Tool", "Boot Camp", "Pioneer", "Kid", "Action", "Bounty", "Paradise", "Mega", "Love", "Style", "Teen", "Pop", "Wedding", "An American", "Treasure", "Myth", "Empire", "Motorway", "Room", "Casino", "Comedy", "Undercover", "Millionaire", "Chopper", "Space", "Cajun", "Hot Rod", "The", "Colonial", "Dance", "Flying", "Sorority", "Mountain", "Auction", "Extreme", "Whale", "Storage", "Cake", "Turf", "UFO", "The Real", "Wild", "Duck", "Queer", "Voice", "Fame", "Music", "Rock Star", "BBQ", "Spouse", "Wife", "Road", "Star", "Renovation", "Comic", "Chef", "Band", "House", "Sweet")
second <- c("Hunters", "Hoarders", "Contest", "Party", "Stars", "Truckers", "Camp", "Dance Crew", "Casting Call", "Inventor", "Search", "Pitmasters", "Blitz", "Marvels", "Wedding", "Crew", "Men", "Project", "Intervention", "Celebrities", "Treasure", "Master", "Days", "Wishes", "Sweets", "Haul", "Hour", "Mania", "Warrior", "Wrangler", "Restoration", "Factor", "Hot Rod", "of Love", "Inventors", "Kitchen", "Casino", "Queens", "Academy", "Superhero", "Battles", "Behavior", "Rules", "Justice", "Date", "Discoveries", "Club", "Brother", "Showdown", "Disasters", "Attack", "Contender", "People", "Raiders", "Story", "Patrol", "House", "Gypsies", "Challenge", "School", "Aliens", "Towers", "Brawlers", "Garage", "Whisperer", "Supermodel", "Boss", "Secrets", "Apprentice", "Icon", "House Party", "Pickers", "Crashers", "Nation", "Files", "Office", "Wars", "Rescue", "VIP", "Fighter", "Job", "Experiment", "Girls", "Quest", "Eats", "Moms", "Idol", "Consignment", "Life", "Dynasty", "Diners", "Chef", "Makeover", "Ninja", "Show", "Ladies", "Dancing", "Greenlight", "Mates", "Wives", "Jail", "Model", "Ship", "Family", "Videos", "Repo", "Rivals", "Room", "Dad", "Star", "Exes", "Island", "Next Door", "Missions", "Kings", "Loser", "Shore", "Assistant", "Comedians", "Rooms", "Boys")
# get two random numbers so we can select the two words:
rand1 <- sample(1:length(first), 1)
rand2 <- sample(1:length(second), 1)
# get words and concatenate:
cat(first[rand1], second[rand2], "\n")
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