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javascript header
<!DOCTYPE html>
<div id="nav">
<script type="text/javascript" src="nav.js"></script>
var navContent = "" +
"<div class='title'><a href=''>Proximity To Nature</a></div>" +
"<div class='category'>Proximity</div>" +
"<div class='item'>Interactive Art Pieces</div>" +
"<div class='sub-item'><a href=''>Atlanta</a></div>" +
"<div class='sub-item'><a href=''>Birmingham, AL</a></div>" +
"<div class='sub-item'><a href=''>DC</a></div>" +
"<div class='sub-item'><a href=''>Portland, OR</a></div>" +
"<div class='item'>Gallery Pieces</div>" +
"<div class='sub-item'><a href=''>Elliott St.</a></div>" +
"<div class='sub-item'><a href=''>Georgia Tech</a></div>" +
"<div class='sub-item'><a href=''>dooGallery</a></div>" +
"<div class='sub-item'><a href=''>Outdoor Activity Center</a></div>" +
"<div class='category'>Perimeters</div>" +
"<div class='item'><a href=''>Photo Book</a></div>" +
"<div class='item'><a href=''>Watersheds</a></div>" +
"<div class='category'><a href=''>About</a></div>" +
"<div class='category'><a href=''>Store</a></div>" +
var navDiv = document.getElementById('nav');
navDiv.innerHTML = navContent;
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