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Last active Sep 22, 2019

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Project management


  • Portfolio
  • Program
  • Project

PM Triangle

  • Cost
  • Scope
  • Time (Schedule)


Iterations to improve the triangle.

  • Project owner: communitaction betwwen the client and the team


Project => Sprints (2 week) Every sprint: evaluation of the progress, artifacts. For every sprint there should be several stories defined what to do. Stories to prioritize. Story: small cards what the costumer want and should be priorized -> Create task cards (task 1-2 day). Daily session (seans): every morning 5 minutes about today's task

Project -> Sprint -> Story -> Task cards

Priorizing: 1-10 secret vote for every Task card.

Kanban table: Priorized tasks are there, split them for every day and create a sprint.

At the end of every sprint there should be some product -> feedback -> check results and evaluate. Fail -> replan and strint or continue. On every end of the week, there is an evaluation.

PM app: Monday, Trello, MS Planner,

Burndown chart: for every task there is an estimated time, in the chart you can see the estimated and real decreasement of the remaining time.

Every project has a Kanban table.

Shadowing: one day every week a person can sit next to the specialist and learn from them. Help to have a backup ppl for a specific job.

Agility: there is no full specifications so it is devided into modules.

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